The Importance of Record Keeping

Performance by Steven Dickie : On the continuum, an event programmed with Tim Dixon to coincide with The Timeknowledge Continuum :
Hoxton Art Gallery : 2012

The importance of record keeping is a performance in which a protagonist of redundant media constructs a statement on a tape loop that describes its apparent insignificance beyond the immediate context, and then proceeds to state the importance of its preservation. A secondary stage sees the erosion of the recorded information by the resonance created by the space in which it is performed and equipment on which it is captured. Throughout the duration a voice recognition system acts as antagonist, labouring to transcribe the event in a form of meta-data.

Considering the mechanics and significance of recording, The importance of record keeping infers three states of recording. As evidence of a past occurrence; as a means to imply significance in an immediate moment; and as a potential means of restaging in some form, a past event – past, present & future. The performance conflates these three conditions to describe an expanded notion of the present: a present in which knowledge only has relevance when its interpretational context is preserved alongside.

This broadened perspective of the present was a key proposition in my exhibition The Timeknowledge Continuum at Hoxton Art Gallery.